What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

My neighbor experienced a terrible fire, and I experienced smoke damage. SERVPRO came and calmed me down. The outside of my house was full of ash and the smoke came into my windows and stained my walls. It was awful to see and smell. I moved out of my house for a week, and when I came back the smell and damages were gone. I had my house back. It was so great to see it look like normal. 

We had a small fire in our kitchen. The toaster oven sparked and ruined our counter top. SERVPRO came in and restored the counter top for us. We decided to upgrade our kitchen cabinets too. They were able to install the new cabinets for us. 

Our house was affected by the Malibu fires last year. Our backyard and pool house were burned to the ground. We had SERVPRO come out and help with building a new pool house. They took care of all the work. From the design, engineering and submitting plans to the city, they took on the job 100%. They really have a great network of people. They were organized and always kept me in the loop. The construction guys were very respectful of the trash and the noise. They worked hard and long hours. Our new pool house is really comfortable. We are happy to have our back yard looking beautiful again. We will use SERVPRO for our building needs again. They were great to work with. 

We live right near a mountain side and we always get small fires that start from dry shrubs. There are a lot of hikers who smoke or light fireworks from our backyard. There isn't enough park rangers to regulate the amount of people who hang out on the mountainside. It's a shame when we see smoke coming from our backyard, it makes us worry for our home. We also have pets and we leave them alone when we are out at work. We had to call SERVPRO just recently because there was a small fire at the top of the hill and the smoke got in our home. It made the walls of our car garage real dirty. SERVPRO came and cleaned the mess up. We recommend SERVPRO to our neighbors all the time. 

Their service is wonderful! I had an emergency and they sent people right away to help me! If they have 10 stars, I will give 10 stars!!! Very responsive and very efficient!

I recently had a fire in my kitchen. There was black soot everywhere and it looked awful. SERVPRO came out and setup their equipment around my house. A couple of technicians came to start a pack out and took my belongings to store in a safe location. Then they began to scrub the walls and clean. It was a great experience! They were very polite, very professional and I was happy with the work they did keeping my property stored, cleaned and delivered back to me. Everything was done with great satisfaction on our part and I would recommend them to anybody!