What our Customers say...


The office staff was courteous and helpful, and the personnel that performed the physical work did a fine job with the tasks to which they were assigned. 

My neighbor experienced a terrible fire, and I experienced smoke damage. SERVPRO came and calmed me down. The outside of my house was full of ash and the smoke came into my windows and stained my walls. It was awful to see and smell. I moved out of my house for a week, and when I came back the smell and damages were gone. I had my house back. It was so great to see it look like normal. 

We had a small fire in our kitchen. The toaster oven sparked and ruined our counter top. SERVPRO came in and restored the counter top for us. We decided to upgrade our kitchen cabinets too. They were able to install the new cabinets for us. 

They were excellent, timely, polite and neat They came and fix the fence.

They were great, fast in responding and they handled everything and get the water removed

They were really good. They were friendly, on time and they get the work done.

Mike and Ben were respectful, informative, and accommodating. They made the whole experience way more pleasant than it could have been (which nothing is enjoyable when your floors and dry are being torn out and quarantined)- but they managed to make it way less painful. Thanks Mike and Ben!

Excellent job servicing our home after a burglary. Thank you SERVPRO!

If I could give more than "5 STARS" I would. Both Mike and Ben were professionals, polite, approachable and could not have been more pleasant to deal with. We passed our mold inspection because of these two young men and my family and I are very grateful. (Hopefully we won't need to), but if ever put in a position to need SERVPRO I'd hand-pick Mike and Ben!

The supervision was wonderful, they kept me informed throughout the process. 

We had a huge flood in our church basement and Homero and guys were on it stat! They had the water out and started drying the rooms in just a couple hours and were able to save all of our walls. They checked in on us every day to make sure everything was drying and that all the machines were working properly. About a week later everything was back to normal. SERVPRO of Monrovia helped get this massive problem under control fast!

Our house was affected by the Malibu fires last year. Our backyard and pool house were burned to the ground. We had SERVPRO come out and help with building a new pool house. They took care of all the work. From the design, engineering and submitting plans to the city, they took on the job 100%. They really have a great network of people. They were organized and always kept me in the loop. The construction guys were very respectful of the trash and the noise. They worked hard and long hours. Our new pool house is really comfortable. We are happy to have our back yard looking beautiful again. We will use SERVPRO for our building needs again. They were great to work with. 

SERVPRO was a big help to us. The local SERVPRO is a great asset to our community. It was great to call and have people come over in less than 10 min. They were so close to our apartment building. We had a terrible rain storm and the roof got really damaged. The roof was really old and it hadn't been replaced in a very long time. They were able to build a large tarp over the complex while the rain was still going on. They took down the tarp and started the reconstruction of the damaged roof. They got a roofing company to come out and finish the construction of the new roof. It was great to see how fast they worked. They really had our best interest at hand. Thank you guys. 

We had a really bad scare last year with the Malibu fires. We don't want to experience that ever again. We called SERVPRO to come out and clean our house. They did an amzing job. The smoke damage was so overwhelming. We didn't lose our home, but we did get a heavy coat of black smoke stains. SERVPRO took every window screen out and had them cleaned on site. They had all sorts of ladders in the house, they really got all the corners. They had all of our carpets cleaned on site too. They really went beyond the job. We don't want to experience this again, but we were happy to have been helped by SERVPRO. 

We live right near a mountain side and we always get small fires that start from dry shrubs. There are a lot of hikers who smoke or light fireworks from our backyard. There isn't enough park rangers to regulate the amount of people who hang out on the mountainside. It's a shame when we see smoke coming from our backyard, it makes us worry for our home. We also have pets and we leave them alone when we are out at work. We had to call SERVPRO just recently because there was a small fire at the top of the hill and the smoke got in our home. It made the walls of our car garage real dirty. SERVPRO came and cleaned the mess up. We recommend SERVPRO to our neighbors all the time. 

We manage multiple properties in Monrovia. There are times when we ask SERVPRO of Monrovia to visit a property and check the rooms before or after we lease a property. We hire SERVPRO anytime we have leak, flood, or any kind of damage. They have helped us so much, that we wouldn't know who else we could call for help. They are honest, hard working individuals. They even help us out with insurance adjusters. They explain the estimates and repair reports to us so we understand all the details. They are a great company, we really enjoy working with them. 

The SERVPRO team was great. My tenants were complaining about a bad smell and I didn't know where it was coming from. I tried to follow the scent but it would not lead me to a source. I was having a real hard time locating the place where this smell was coming from. A tenant of mine recommended calling SERVPRO, she had them come to her apartment a few years back to clean her carpets. I listened to her and called them up. They came right away and took a look under the building. To my surprise there was a sewage leak under there. They were able to extract it out and then sprayed some miracle thing that made the entire building smell good. We were finally able to get the plumbers out and they fixed the broken pipe. I'm so glad I listened to my tenant. SERVPRO was great. 

There was a leak on the 4th floor of our apartment complex and the water destroyed our ceiling and walls. It affected all the outer walls of the building. SERVPRO was able to extract all the water in a timely manner. They wanted to prevent any mold spores from developing. We are so glad we called them, they did a great job. We highly recommend these guys. 

Their service is wonderful! I had an emergency and they sent people right away to help me! If they have 10 stars, I will give 10 stars!!! Very responsive and very efficient!

The Saddle tree fire in Sylmar was an unfortunate moment. We were lucky. Inspite of some heavy smoke & ash damage, we were able to still have our home.
Some friends recommend Homero from SERVPRO. Homero showed up the same day he was called and had information and tips that were very beneficial in dealing with our insurance company. Mike and Ben  were part of the crew doing most of the work in our home. Mike and Ben kept me informed of what work would be done from one day to the next. This made it easy to make arrangements for our dog's to be kept out of the way while the cleaned up outside. Mike and Ben were also aware that we recently remodeled and were very careful in our home while performing their job. They made sure there was no evidence of them being in our home. They work clean and safe as a team.
Thank you Homero, Mike and Ben for helping me and my family get our home sparkling clean and back to normal again. The advice from Homero and the clean, organized work by Mike and Ben made an unfortunate situation not so unfortunate. Thank you again.

Homero and his crew are the ultimate professionals. Fast, efficient, professional and good communicators. We had an upsetting flood at our house and he was calm and helpful. Highly recommend!!!

Was able to get someone right away and crew came out the next morning and did a fantastic job, and I was really impressed with the painter.

They came, they saw and they worked miracles. Having to work around tenants the crew did a great job. They were thorough, professional and communicated really well. While the overall price wasn't cheap, the end result was well worth the cost. They walked us through the whole process and dealt with the insurance company really well. I truly recommend that you use them if you have a larger water issue, either at home or at work.

The service guys were very helpful in the whole process and very clean as they worked. I would definitely use these guys again if I needed. Thanks again! 

Very polite and professional. I only have good things to say of them, did a great job of restoring the area the mold in my kitchen. They kept me updated throughout the process. Thank you SERVPRO! 

I googled it! I didn't know who to call when my dish washer began to overflow. I had to think real quick on my feet, I decided to google water flooding and SERVPRO came up first. I called and they were at my house within the hour. They used a water extractor to get the water out and removed my dishwasher to dry the wall behind it. They were able to put in one of their green fans and left it overnight. They came back the next day and confirmed that everything was dry. The guys were so polite, and they were patient with my nerves. They were great. I won't have to google anyone again. 

Homero is the best! He was professional, responsive, thorough and did a great job when we had our downstairs flooded by a defective kitchen sink faucet. I can't say enough good things about him and his crew, I will not hesitate to recommend or use them again! Thank you so much Homero!

I can't imagine giving this company less than 5 stars. If I had 10 stars to give, I'd gladly do it. We had a pipe burst and the entire first floor of our house was damaged including wood floor, carpet, and walls. It couldn't have come at a worse time in our lives and I didn't know where to turn. I called several companies who gave me the runaround, until I got ahold of Homero (definitely Divine intervention) who came out late in the evening on a Friday night. He assessed the situation, immediately for the water flow stopped, and reassured me everything would be ok. 

From that point Homero and his team did the rest, including handling insurance claims for two different companies (HOA and personal). Homero even personally helped me shop for new flooring! 

What could have been a disaster turned out to be nothing more than an inconvenience, thanks to the amazing care of Homero and his team. 

They had a motto on the side of their truck that said "Like it never happened". That's not entirely true because they left my house BETTER than before it happened! Thank you Homero and SERVPRO Monrovia!

I recently had a fire in my kitchen. There was black soot everywhere and it looked awful. SERVPRO came out and setup their equipment around my house. A couple of technicians came to start a pack out and took my belongings to store in a safe location. Then they began to scrub the walls and clean. It was a great experience! They were very polite, very professional and I was happy with the work they did keeping my property stored, cleaned and delivered back to me. Everything was done with great satisfaction on our part and I would recommend them to anybody!

I had a prompt response to my original call. A prompt setup, and the technicians were there when they said they were going to be there. The technicians also cleaned after every day they were there. Communication was very good between the Office myself( the landlord) and the tenants who had the problem.

SERVPRO of Monrovia was very fast responding to my emergency. I never felt insecure and was always at ease. 

I'm so impressed with the quick emergency service I received after black water backed up in our home 3 months ago. They arrived immediately and went into action, overnight the water was removed and the area was dried with a ton of fans. They removed all the furniture and stored it and wrapped all our knick knocks and valuables to perfection.
Today 3 months later they brought everything back in perfect condition. They are so professional and courteous. Definitely a five star for these guys!!!!

The men who worked on my place the past two days, especially the man who was here mostly by himself showed a level of professionalism one rarely sees nowadays. He was informative, answered all my questions, explained everything to me so I could understand, and worked so hard for 10 hours straight. They just left and even though I must repair so much from my leakage, they did a thorough job. I know you guys are from California and have worked tirelessly lately without much rest. I greatly appreciate all the hard work done. Thank you very much.

Quality work and definitely the nicest people you can have helping you restore your homes. Very professional. Dependable. Their work is beautiful.

I have used SERVPRO of Monrovia numerous times in my residence. They have fixed and replaced my house to it's original state with great workmanship. I recommend them and suggest their services to friends and relatives. Thank you to Homero and his staff for fast quality work.

"I had a flood in my basement, SERVPRO® of Monrovia came the next morning. I found them to be very professional and thorough. They explained the process very well and git all of the mold out and also educated me on the dangers of mold. hey left it dry and in very clean condition. Courteous and clean, they know their job well".

Really nice group of office people who have a big drive to help the community and do a great job on site. I spoke with James and he was most helpful in helping me figure out a few things within the industry. These guys sound legit and like they know what they are doing. I'd give them a shot.

SERVPRO is awesome, I can always count on them to help my clients:)

SERVPRO of Monrovia is an exceptionally professional business.  The staff are trustworthy and quick.  Not only can they clean after disasters but they also do preventative maintenance as well as roofing!

Homero and his team are very professional, trustworthy and has excellent quality of work. You will have peace of mind knowing you have a contractor that you can trust, they were working long hours during the week and on weekends to ensure that we finished the projects on time. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Monrovia , they stand by their mantra "Like it never even happened".

Need a dirty job cleaned up? This is the place to get it done!