Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Raindrops falling on the roof.

Heavy rains caused the ceiling of this home to collapse. We had to extract water from the attic space and remove the ceiling from the living room area. The wate... READ MORE

Flooding Damage in Monrovia

This flooded warehouse in Monrovia, CA was caused by a drain pipe located outside that had overflown into the property. Although it may not seem visible, notice... READ MORE

Busted Bathroom Inside Monrovia Business

A business in Monrovia, CA suffered some major water damage in their restroom as the result of a broken pipe. Using specialized equipment and products, our tech... READ MORE

Water damage in Monrovia, CA

Monrovia, CA: An undetected broken pipe underneath the kitchen sink of this Monrovia, CA resident was the cause of major water damage. The broken pipe occurred ... READ MORE