Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Fire/Water Loss Mitigation

This taco shop experienced a fire/water loss that affected the ceiling and walls. Our technicians did a great job with the mitigation work by removing all damag... READ MORE

Carpet Restoration

This carpet had a leak that was damaged by water. The carpet itself was glued on which made the damage not as severe. The water had leaked over into the walls. ... READ MORE

Warehouse Flooding

This commercial warehouse experienced a lake of flooding inside their building. The flooding came from a broken pipe and burst in the middle of night while no o... READ MORE

Apartment flooding

We were called to help out with a flooding in this apartment complex. The top unit of this building had pipe burst under the sink and it flooded the floors and ... READ MORE

Physical therapy on hold

There was a flood in this physical therapy office. We had to set up a lot of different size air movers to dry the room. We used our largest to smallest air move... READ MORE

Medical facility with water damage.

This medical facility experienced a leak coming from their bathroom. It happened overnight while no one was in the building. They discovered the wet carpet and ... READ MORE

What happens when your business is affected by water?

There's a great place in Pasadena, CA that makes science fun! It's a place where kids go to learn all the awesome things that science has to offer! Unfortunatel... READ MORE