Recent Before & After Photos

So Cold

This family’s Massachusetts home suffered serious damage after a recent winter storm. Thankfully we were able to help them and several other Massachusetts... READ MORE

Carpet Restoration

This carpet had a leak that was damaged by water. The carpet itself was glued on which made the damage not as severe. The water had leaked over into the walls. ... READ MORE

It's Freezing

Chicago is known for their storms. Especially the snow storms. This house experienced some major water damage during a snow storm. The pipe in the laundry room ... READ MORE

Warehouse Flooding

This commercial warehouse experienced a lake of flooding inside their building. The flooding came from a broken pipe and burst in the middle of night while no o... READ MORE

Brand new everything

In these before and after pictures, our crew has been hard at work after the garage had caught on fire causing massive damages to this home. Our technicians had... READ MORE

Dry Ice Blasting

In these before and after pictures, we can see our technician using a dry ice machine to blast the area. The area was affected from smoke after a fire happened ... READ MORE

Atic door restored

This attic door was restored after it had caught on fire due to a ventilation fan failure. It had caused damage to not only the door as shown in the picture, bu... READ MORE

Fire mess left in bathroom

This fire damage restoration project started after a ventilation fan caught on fire. It caused massive amount of damage to the property and caused a huge mess. ... READ MORE

Sump Pump Fail

The sump pump in this private home basement had failed. The sump pump is supposed to force the water to flow out from one end to another end. In this home, it f... READ MORE

Too much water in a bathroom

Washing machine was on the floor above and had leaked down the wall into this bathroom. It leaked down the wall cavity behind the tile of the bathroom. Since th... READ MORE